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BBOSE - Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination

BBOSE official website
  • Setting up of Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE), as an autonomous Organisation of Education Department,Govt.of Bihar in Feb., 2011 is yet another significant mile stone, on the road of rapid socio-economic development of the State in last few years.BBOSE, is a registered Govt. Society under Societies Act. It is an Open & Distance Learning Institution, set up on the lines of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.It's mandate is to "Reach the Unreached" in terms of Education & Skill, in Bihar through Open & Distance learning mode, in the State with special focus on marginalised Socio-economic and Religious sections. As an Apex Organisation, in the field of school education, it develops it's own content and books, imparts education, corresponding to all levels of formal school system, i.e. from Class I to Class XII. It also hold Public Examination, followed by grand of Certificates for Class X and Class XII, having equivalence with the Certificates of other Formal School Examination Boards like C.B.S.E./I.C.S.E. and other Secondary Boards of the Country.Therefore in effect, it is an amalgamation of State Council of Educational Research and Training and Bihar School Examination Board, in the field of Open & Distance Learning, at school level. It has also been declared as a Nodal Agency for the State. BBOSE has several unique & distinguishing features, which sets it apart from all other formal Examination Boards.
    1.  All India recognized
    2.  Certified by Central Government
    3.  Certified by state board
    4.  Certified by COBSE
    5.  Nios equivalent
    6.  CBSE equivalent
    Courses Offered:
    1)10 TH
    2)12 TH
    Exam Session:
    1) July
    Best Features:
    2)ANY SUBJECT COMBINATION (Max-7 subjects,Min-5 subjects).
    3) ONLINE ID card download.

BOSSE - Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education

BOSSE official website
  • SThe Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE), Sikkim, is an open schooling board that aims to cater to the varied academic needs of the divergent group of students up to pre-degree level including Secondary/Senior Secondary, skill and vocational education. BOSSE is open schooling education board in Sikkim, registered underact no. 14 of 2020 by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, passed on 21-09-2020, according to the Sikkim Act 2020 to promulgate and disseminate the open schooling education at state & national level.
    The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE)aims to uplift and strengthen open schooling education and create pathways to higher studies across the nation through different modes of learning. With flexible education system, combining academic and vocational programmes, the mission of BOSSE is to universalize education and establishing great equality and justice in society. The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE) provides opportunities to interested learners to choose the following courses/ programmes through open and distance learning mode.
    i) Secondary level programmes.
    ii) Senior Secondary level programmes.